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1458-3800 Memorial Drive NE
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165-5111 Northland Drive NW
Tel: 403.974.3937    Fax: 403.509.4854

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83-100 Anderson Rd SE
Tel: 403.974.3937    Fax: 403.509.4859

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Dr Bishop & Associates licensed Doctors of Optometry have been proudly serving the Calgary community for over 30 years! Our expertly trained Doctors provide quality eye care for the whole family using the latest and most advanced technologies available. We provide our patients with the most up to date information on vision care such as the latest retinal imaging to the newest technology in contact lenses. Read More..
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Optometrists in Calgary | Dr. Bishop & Associates

In Need of Eye Care? Visit Our Optometrists in Calgary Today!

Your eyes perform a very important function, enabling you to see your loved ones and perform everyday tasks with ease. If you have concerns about your vision and think you need eye care to ensure your vision doesn't worsen, it's a good idea to set up an appointment with our optometrists in Calgary.

At Dr. Bishop & Associates, we have a team of optometrists ready to help you. We provide comprehensive eye care services to help promote the health of your eyes. Our eye doctors always strive to provide friendly and professional care so you can leave your appointment from one of our three convenient locations, feeling completely satisfied with the experience.

Why Choose Us for Eye Care in Calgary

Our licensed doctors of optometry have served Calgary for over 30 years, thus making Calgary our home. We treat your family's eye needs by using the most advanced and proven technology available in our field. As your source for eye care in Calgary, we value healthy eyes and we take the time to discuss your questions and educate you with useful information on proper vision care to prevent future complications.

We offer complete eye care for the whole family. Our optometrists have in-depth knowledge on eye conditions and ailments that can affect patients of all ages. Whether your elderly parent seems to have issue with cataracts or your young child has recently started squinting while reading, our optometrists in Calgary can evaluate the situation and determine the best plan of action to maintain the health of your eyes.

Your Eye Doctor in Calgary

As important as your vision is to your everyday life, do you take proper care of your eyes? Staring at computer screens for work or playing games on a smartphone for hours can lead to negative consequences for your vision. The best way to maintain your eye health is by visiting Dr. Bishop & Associates, your eye doctor in Calgary. We offer comprehensive eye care to treat your eye problems, offering everything from eye exams and colour blindness testing to retinal imaging and corneal topography.

In addition to treating vision ailments such as retinal problems, eye infections, ulcerations, and macular degeneration, we also have a massive inventory of in-stock contact lenses. We will provide you with the correct lenses at the time of your appointment! Our commitment to providing complete and timely service saves you valuable time, which is another way we strive to become better as your Calgary optometrist.

Visit our Optometrists in Calgary

With locations in Southcentre Mall, Marlborough Mall, and Northland Village Mall, Dr. Bishop & Associates offices are never far away. Our optometrists can help you with a wide range of vision problems using the latest technology in the industry.

For quality service in the location most convenient to you, call us and make an appointment for any day of the week, and give your eyes the care they deserve from our experienced professionals. Contact us today!


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