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Contact Calgary Eye Clinic | Dr. Bishop & Associates

Dr. Bishop Associates Calgary Eye Clinic - Located at 3 Convenient Locations

Whether you're tired of constantly itchy and dry eyes or it's time to order new contact lenses, you need to visit a Calgary eye clinic. Dr. Bishop & Associates has 3 convenient locations throughout Calgary to ensure that you can always make an appointment when you need one.

Our optometrists offer complete vision care in Calgary, treating vision ailments and providing eye examinations and testing as needed. With our technology we'll be able to diagnose any problems you may be experiencing, and with our experience we'll be able to provide you with an effective solution.

Contact Us for Vision Care – Calgary

Dr. Bishop & Associates hopes you'll pick our office as your Calgary eye clinic for all your eye care needs! We know you have a choice in eye care, and we're happy to build a relationship with you. Start today by dropping by any of our three eye clinic in Calgary: Southcentre Mall (on Anderson Road), Marlborough Mall (on Memorial Drive), or Northland Village Mall (on Northland Drive).

Marlborough Mall
1458-3800 Memorial Drive NE
Phone Number: (403) 974-3937
Fax Number: (403) 509-4866
Northland Village Mall
165-5111 Northland Drive NW
Phone Number: (403) 974-3937
Fax Number: (403) 509-4854
Southcentre Mall
83-100 Anderson Rd SE
Phone Number: (403) 974-3937
Fax Number: (403) 509-4859

What to Expect at Our Eye Clinic in Calgary

If you're a new patient seeking vision care in Calgary, it's important for you to know what to expect at your first appointment. To make things go faster, it’s a good idea to fill out any paperwork we send you beforehand. Please bring any existing prescriptions, contact lens packaging and eyeglasses to your visit. This will help us get a full understanding of your current vision.

At your first appointment, you'll undergo a comprehensive eye exam that will check for minor and serious health concerns. You may also undergo retinal imaging and contact lens assessments. We use up-to-date technology to make the testing processes quick and effective. After the testing is completed, our experienced optometrists will share their findings, discuss your questions and provide solutions to your problems.

Have a Question for Us?

We make it easy to ask questions or request a particular optometrist. Just fill in our message form below and one of our friendly staff will get back to you quickly. We also give a list of commonly asked questions (see the left-hand side of this page) to help you prepare for your visit and know the difference between a vision screening and an eye exam. We’re on hand to answer any questions you have.

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